My Best of 2011

2011 has passed, and today a new year has began. I thought it only fitting to post my “best” of 2011. For most of the year I owned a small point and shoot Canon Digital IXUS 950 IS.



My prodigal son & my little grandson come into our lives at the end of February under not-so-great circumstances. It was so lovely to spend time with them and to have my son live with us for 4 weeks.

MARCH – a month filled with stress & sadness. I was rushed to hospital twice in 2 weeks due to problems with my heart, and my prodigal son disappeared again. I only took 30 photos for the entire month as a result, and nothing was really worthy of posting in my opinion…


Brisbane City from Southbank



Brisbane City Hall


Cedar Creek Winery


My last “best of” with my Canon IXUS 950 IS

And the first with my brand new Canon EOS DSLR 1100D, purchased on August 18th 2011.

Since I bought my new camera it has been so hard to pick a favourite from each month, so perhaps a couple or a few?


I have always loved macro photography.

And I rediscovered my passion for landscapes. This is my city, Brisbane, at dusk.


Having a Canon 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens and a tripod gave me the ability to photograph a full moon for the first time ever (and on manual setting).

The same lens allows me to take shots like this – I call it my “stalker lens”. There is so much about this photo that I love!!

And my favourote macro for October.


We took 2 day trips up the D’Aguillar Range to Mt Nebo.


I took a 10 day R&R trip to visiti my parents on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. My favourite sunset of 2011 from Mt Martha beach.

For Christmas, my husband Michael surprised me with a Canon 50mm portrait lens. I am discovering a whole new world of sharpness in my portraits & learning to use the manual setting.

I LOVE these portraits of my youngest 2 children, Ben (20) & Bec (19), taken on Christmas day. I am incredibly proud of these two young adults.

And finally, I owe this man so much.

We have been married for only 2 years (Dec 5, 2009). Between us we have 9 children – Sarah (27), Amy (23), Daniel (22), Ben (20), Tamsyn (20), Bec (19), Kathryn (18), Jess (16) and Lizzie (14).

The last 2 years have been a rollercoaster ride and we almost didn’t make it. There have been enormous challenges of sickness & not much health, and not a lot of “better” (until recently) & plenty of “worse”. But through his persistence, determination and willingness to make some enormous changes in his own life (and his refusal to allow me to walk away) and through my own soul searching, my decision to focus on thankfulness and writing my Gratitude Journal which has enabled me to see life from a whole new perspective. It has been incredibly difficult for us both BUT we have made it by the grace of God!!

Here’s to 2012… May the new year bring an abundance of laughter, many wonderful memories and, for those photographer friends of mine, many great photography opportunities!!

This week I am grateful for:

65.  Warm Summer days

66.  Time to give thanks.

67.  Time to enjoy His gifts.

68.  Time with friends.

69.  Long deep breaths to calm in stress.

70.  Hugs & good night kisses from the “man-child”.

71.  The celebration of Christmas & remembering the reason for the season.

72.  Shortbread.

73.  Christmas pudding.

74.  Laughter and stories around the dinner table.

75.  Grandchildren and the hope of seeing them one day.

76.  Drives in the country.



2 thoughts on “My Best of 2011

  1. Wow, Liz. The picture of the moon was stunning. But then as I scrolled to the next, I was in awe. The duck on the silver water is absolutely amazing. If ever you allow others to use your pics with name and credit (and even a link), PLEASE let me know! I love photography but am not a photographer. You are amazing. God has gifted you.

  2. Thank you Cristal. The duck with the golden reflections from the setting sun is one of my favourites. You are welcome to use my images with credit and link.

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