Life’s Too Short…

Originally written on Tuesday April 17, 2012… HERE

This evening I was going to publish a few posts for my usual link ups but a phone call from my oldest daughter changed all that. She called to ask if I had heard about my dear friend Susie’s number 2 son, Patrick, who took his life earlier this morning. This young man was my youngest son Ben’s best mate through primary school, they were inseparable back then, graduated highschool together in 2008, and have remained friends since.

Far too young to leave this world; Patrick was only 20 years old!!

I have dedicated this sunset to Patrick…  It reminds me of Psalm 23.

This family has seen enough sadness in the last 12 months. Susie’s beautiful Mum was diagnosed with cancer last year (for the second time) and lost her battle on July 1st 2011. Not long after, Susie’s  marriage broke down after 22 years. Now, Susie will be burying her son. And on Mother’s Day, she will not only be without her Mum for the first time, but also her son.

These flowers are for my beautiful friend Susie… May she and her family know God’s peace, love, strength & comfort at this time.

I consider this family to be part of mine, and the loss is tremendous. An amazing young man with so much to give; involved in leadership in his church, inputting into the lives of others, impacting so many people (possibly without even knowing), gentle, loving, caring, gifted.

I can only be comforted by the fact that he is now reunited with his Creator & his beloved Grandma.

Rest in Peace, Patrick Francis Mundy. You will be forever loved & missed…

Counting more gratitudes…

131. People who come into our lives for just a short time, but who touch our hearts forever.

132. The privilege of knowing a young man of God who impacted so many lives, possibly without even knowing.

133. Not understanding why, but knowing this young man is now at peace.

134. Being able to love, comfort, encourage & pray for friends in their time of need (just as they did in our times of need).

135. The blessings of friendship & fellowship.

136. Friendships that stand the test of time.

137. The gift of memories of loved ones gone but not forgotten.

138. The gift & blessing of a life partner just over 2 years ago, to walk through trials with me, who has not walked away when my health declined more and who loves me more each day.

139. Discovering a new hobby (photography) to keep me occupied and take my mind off my physical pain.

140. Trips out on Michael’s days off to lose myself in nature.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short…

  1. Oh, Liz, I am weeping. I cannot imagine what Susie must be feeling. All I know to do is intercede. I am praying for her and their whole family. I am so sorry.

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